The concept...

It’s all about whether you are on the same journey?

Shoot7 offers a middle man to communicate the needs of the client or product involved and then finds the best one to do the job.  Shoot7 has a great team of photographers on hand ,  brilliant creative make up artists and stylists of all sorts and kinds , wonderful people i have worked with over the years and who deliver day in day out astounding results.

What do you need ? Something chic? Something sporty? Something crazy? Something Edgy? Something that will sell your product? Something that will sell you to the clients?

Whether it’s for your test shoot or your fashion show or your commercial product. I am sure that we can find the right creative bunch of talented people to shoot with and produce something amazing. We @ Shoot7 understand about budgets and deadlines. We aim to please,  there are no problems , there are only solutions.

The team of artists within Shoot7 are as dedicated as i am and we have worked over the years developing and growing together, whether on the same shoot or split in action. I am confident that our AIM to please motto is not just said on a whim, we think and we work hard on your creation so you can relax and reep in the benefits .

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself…..Coco Chanel