I became a qualified make up artist in 2010 ,  building up my portfolio for many years with various photographers. I love making people feel and look good and a passion thats turns into a job is the best job you can have!!   Paying attention to detail and a passion for being creative i knew it was a direction i would go in. I worked as a hairdresser in the UK before my modelling career took off and wherever i was located in the world i had a pair of scissors in my hand and was creating somebody’s new look. Whilst being made up by some of the best make up artists and also well, some of the worst, i learned a lot and the rest came with lots of practice and a passion to learn.Through contacts and the know how of how a shoot can be perfect I started to build up a team, a team you can rely on for that cutting edge. A team of other make up artists and great photographers as well as designers and stylists. Being someone who knows the business well and having people trust me to give them advice of how and with whom to shoot I started to go into that direction & came to realise there was a place in the market for a middle man. Someone who understands what’s needed to create your Shoot whether it’s a test shoot for beginners or for a designer to shoot his or hers next creation , brochure or advertising campaign. Shoot7 was born !!!!!

My philosophy

‚Life is too short and unpredictable not to live it exactly as you please’…..Vivienne Westwood

My references

BASF • Peugeot • Rita Lagune • Teddy Marks • Bruno Miller