My first job ever was as a hairdresser and making people look amazing and then i started modelling for what seems now like a lifetime. I travelled all over the world, met amazing people and had a lot of fun whilst doing so.  I’ve had the privilege of having jobs in front of the camera as diverse as they come. However i was always cutting and styling peoples hair on the side.I use the experience i collected over the years in front of the camera to use behind the camera. Working along side the photographers, the art directors and the stylists to achieve the best look and ambience possible………I love making people feel and look good and a passion thats turns into a job is the best job you can have!!   Paying attention to detail and a passion for being creative i knew it was a direction i would go in.  Whilst being made up by some of the best make up artists and some of the worst, i learned a lot and the rest came with lots of practice and a passion to learn.

My philosophy

‚Life is too short and unpredictable not to live it exactly as you please’…..Vivienne Westwood

My references

BASF • Peugeot • Qwaiko. Vössloh. Man e Mobility. Rita Lagune • Teddy Marks • Bruno Miller. Andreas Henk. Marius Rittmeyer.  Fashion Clinic. Sebastian Damberger. Looxs Magazine. Handelshof. Real. TVM. Judith Van der Meulen. Kroon Cheese.